Pictures and thoughts from a Memphis Musician's Wife

Our Blues Baby

Ty is my daughter. Well, not biologically, but she is my husband’s daughter. She has been around me since 2 years old, and calls her biological mom and me “Mommy.” So, I say Ty is my daughter. Just figured I would explain that to any who wonder when they read about my daughter.
Now, my daughter is one of the most spirited, intelligent, and most gifted children I have met in a long time. She truly fascinates me. She lights up a room when she walks in, smiling at everyone and giving everyone a waving “hello.” She will tell someone any day that she is a Blues baby. Ha. This child LOVES all music. She sings in the choir, plays the keyboard, drums, harmonica, and she has a couple of guitars she wants to learn how to play. Ty will be gifted like Jeremy. She told me last Thursday that she wanted to play on the main stage at Handy Park with the country band that was there. Wow.

With that being said, I can’t wait to document my family’s life in pictures.

taken by a musician’s wife


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