Pictures and thoughts from a Memphis Musician's Wife

It seems these days that many people do not come to Beale Street and get to see what it is known for, musicians playing the Blues. Sure, there is live music everywhere, but there are very few who stick totally to the Blues. Now, given, there are many types of Blues that span many generations. Not everyone has a knowledge or appreciation of all different types. Not all people give respect to some of the younger musicians who are composing their own blues, jazz, and many other types of music or to the older ones who paved the way for the younger ones to come along. I agree that Memphis and Beale Street are the home of the Blues, and the Blues should be played on Beale Street, but so many different genres of music came from the Blues. Why not learn to appreciate all types of music that are played. However, I do think that all of the bands should at least learn a few blues tunes for their repertoire when they play down here. It is just a respectable thing to do when you are in the company of the spirit of such great musicians who have played on this historical street.


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