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Differences between playing instruments and using instruments

I was discussing with my husband all of the things that he can do with his Yamaha Motif XF8 as we were going over some material he is supposed to be learning. It is amazing how you can do so much without even really learning to play the piano. This machine does it all for you. However, my husband does all of those things without having to “cheat” using all of his keyboard’s accessories. This is what makes Jeremy unique in my eyes. Instead of using all of the different arpeggios on his keyboard, he listens to them and mimics them. He plays everything that the keyboard does manually. I hang out with a group of musicians who have taught themselves how to play their instruments. They take pride in their skills, and it shows during their live performances. I almost hate to hear an album that was completely done digital. Live instruments are where that quality is that people want to hear. Most people who get a workstation (keyboard) use it to make beats and do studio work, making all of the digital albums you hear today. My husband uses his workstation to actually play music. I love that about him.¬†

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