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Race wars

Ok. So I kept up with the Trayvon Martin case. I, as many others, do not agree with a not guilty verdict. However, I do agree that the media circus has done nothing but promote a horrible cycle in this country. The media feeds us all of this information, making it all some people will talk about or think about. They encourage and promote all the drama so there will be more news and more money for them. Are we so blind that we do not see this? We have turned a certain group of people into villains, and now people are hurting innocent people in retaliation. Violence will not solve anything. We need to get together as human beings, not black or white or Hispanic or whatever race, and stop this tragic trend. We need to come together and change unfair laws. We need to encourage community activities so we can get to know our neighbors. We used to look out for each other. Why did this stop? Peace can happen, but it will take a community effort. Stop the divisions and stop what will surely turn into a race war if we don’t stop.

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